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Must be something in the water. Paul Fromont, Alan Creech, Jonny Baker, & Todd Hunter are all talking about similar stuff. What does it mean to really be “missional”? What is the “emerging church”? Are these just trendy words that make us feel better about what little we do or are they truly formative? What […]


Great News! We went to the doctor today and our pregnancy is moving along well! We’re about 6 weeks along (we think), still a tenuous time, but things are developing well. We did an ultrasound and could see a little blur with a heartbeat! This whole process is such an amazing gift from God!


a quote from Ordinary Community ~ “Church is not someplace you go, its a people you belong to.” I like that, it “sits” well with me… or, maybe, more accurately it “moves” me. That’s what good churches do, they move us closer to Christ, closer to one another, and closer to our world.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Alan Creech has a good recap of this feast day remembering this innovative, “outside-the-box” thinking church planter and missionary. There’s more info here (warning – bad midi music). Good conversation last night with Peter Matthews! Talking about a church plant in Lexington – St. Patrick’s (ironic). We were trying to get […]


“Humility recedes as leadership advances.” “… being made a pastor so often has the effect of pulling us out of this immense world and putting us to work in a religious institution that carries on its business pretty much on its own terms and with its own agenda.” Eugene Peterson – from The Unnecessary Pastor


Well, you’ve probably figured it out by now with my thinly veiled hints – We are pregnant. We’re only about 6 1/2 to 7 weeks along, so it’s still rather tenuous and stressful (I’m not sure that will ever end!). We see the doctor again on Tuesday to find out if everything is developing ok. […]


Grafted In a jewish reflection on Romans 11 Words and Music – S. Dauermann God called a man named Abraham And said, “Come follow me, I’ll care for you, provide for you, And meet your deepest need. As countless as the stars of heav’n Like sand upon the shore Your seed shall be uncountable And […]