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“Speaking about the Sundanese in general terms, we may make two statements which are both equally true. A Sundanese is not at all a [Muslim], and yet he is a convinced [Muslim] devoted to Islam. The explanation of this contradictory statement is to be found in one thing. All things considered, the Sundanese people have […]


Here are some recent pics I took with our new digital camera. Enjoy ~ In our backyard ~ At Huntington Gardens ~


Sarah is starting to show. A few folks have been noticing. I’m not sure what I think about random strangers putting their hands on my wife’s ever-increasing belly though. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure it will.


Where and What is God speaking in my community today? Am I attentive to God’s voice around me? What prevents me from being attentive? —————————- Contextualization is a big deal at seminary, in discussions about missions, and in the talk about emerging church. Contextualization is given theological foundation in the Incarnation of Christ (i.e. if […]


I’ve seriously gotten out of the discipline of blogging! I’ve been reflecting a lot on the nature of the church. Especially as related to being a “city on a hill” – alternative community. For one, I don’t know of many churches that really fit that description. Two, how do you form a people to become […]


Whew! Life with a pregnant woman! Wow! All goes well for the expectant (all three of us, we think), though Sarah has had some strange pains. The Doctor says they’re nothing to worry about, but they are debilitating at times. It’s hard to see your wife in so much pain and not be able to […]


Humm… I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging everyday. My schedule has changed, so I’m getting used to the new routines. It’s the end of the second week of the quarter and hopefully I’ll get back in the habit. Had a good hike (4 miles) this morning with Shane Hipps (who should really have […]