Well, I’m home Friday night. The Greenhouse is really good, though I’m pretty tired. Most of the stuff tonight was review of stuff we’ve talked about in class, house church, online, etc… but good to see how it fit together with what their talking about. There’s a large group here from Apex – a house church network in Las Vegas.

Two things kinda bug me about what we talked about tonight.

One: There was a lot of emphasis on reaching a region through church multiplication. I’m not sure why, but that doesn’t “sit right” with me. I perfectly willing to accept that that is my own missional immaturity or insecurity speaking, unless there’s more to it than that. Maybe I’m just jaded. Everytime I’ve heard people talk about reaching a region/city/country/county it seems like a bunch of hot air with no reality.

Two: The process of planting an organic church was approached from a individual conversion point of view. In other words (at least this is how I understood it – I could be wrong), you meet, befriend, convert individuals (given that they are in an “Oikos” = a person’s sphere of influence) then you form them into a church. I get that. It makes sense…. but something about it seems individualistic. Like, we’re working on the individual – establish a personal relationship with God first motif. I like the communal better – come to the community and then discover Jesus living here. process, process, process, proce….


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