Humm… I’ve gotten out of the habit of blogging everyday. My schedule has changed, so I’m getting used to the new routines. It’s the end of the second week of the quarter and hopefully I’ll get back in the habit.

Had a good hike (4 miles) this morning with Shane Hipps (who should really have his own blog). We talked about ministry, church, contextualization, modernity and whatever’s next.

We had a good youth ministry meeting last night. Relationships with the youth are starting to develop and grow. I’m looking forward to getting to know these kids better. I’m excited about putting the stuff I’m learning in class into practice – perhaps we can have a Missional Youth Ministry?! I hope so, that’s the endeavor we’re on.

This has been a tremendous time (though I’m not sure when it began), of questioning the questions and assumptions I’ve held about ministry, church, mission, vocation, and faith. Not a doubting time, but a reevaluating time of trying to honestly look at my understanding of church. What is the church? What is it’s mission? Even if I can formulate answers to those questions with any level of satisfaction I wonder how well are we answering them (by our practice) in the American church? I’m discouraged about the level of institutionalization, organizational lethargy, and “in-grown-ness” about most American churches. I have to believe there is a better way, but can we do it without falling into the same traps as those who have gone before us? The Church of the Saviour gives me hope, but I wish there were more examples….


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