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Check this out, very interesting. Click on the rainbow colors at the top of the page and it will take you to different church configurations. He talks about church as “third place” which I have blogged about before and he gives some examples (the links called “kirchelandschaft” which means ‘church landscape’ in german) of possible […]


New blog on the scene by another Fuller student —> more generous than fair. Go Kranmer!!


“What the Gospel offers is not a new understanding of self in an unchanged world but invitation to adventure in a world in which all things have become new.”  ~Stephen Neill, autiobiography


Whoa, been so busy of late!! Trying to keep up with everything… It’s 2 am and I’m working on a PowerPoint for a group presentation on Hudson Taylor. I’ve got 2 papers due Weds. One on “What is church?” which I’m excited about writing/exploring, it’s just that there is so much to do! Sarah is […]


We had a good House Church gathering last night. Spent some time reflecting on who we are as a house church – attributes like affirming, fun, safe, encouraging. We all agreed that we need to be more intentional about being in each other’s lives and about being involved in our community. It’s that missional/communal tension. […]


A couple more quotes from my new friend, Hendrik – “In all our criticism and near-despair of the institutional Church, it should never be forgotten that many powers and possibilities really exist in it, but often in captivity; they exist as frozen credits and dead capital.” ~ Hendrik Kraemer, (1888-1965) “If one thing is clear […]


“Went” to the CCN satellite broadcast of Postmodern Ministry: Awakening to the New Reality today. It was OK. Lots of review and not much new stuff, but good for those being introduced to the concept of postmodernity and the changing reality facing (and present within) our church. I’m not sure what I think about the […]