GREAT House Church tonight!! We had a good reflective, open-up and share where we are in life, kind of devotional. Next they surprised me with a birtday cake.

Then a good hot-seat experience (with Greg so graciously allowing us to ask him MANY questions – Thanks Greg!). We topped all that off with going to Boba World (all in ONE Honda Civic – see pic…. that’s Jeff on top, Matt underneath, Greg’s hand, and Elisabeth is buried somewhere below!) and talking about cartoons, video games, cell phones, and the like (oh, and watching Elisabeth try Boba for the first time – wish I’d caught a pic of that!).

We also got a good “week 26” pic with Sarah (the pregnant one in pink- ain’t she cute!) – That’s Jeff, Elisabeth, Greg, and Matt posing with her. Click on the pic to see it larger.

Thanks everyone for being so open, honest, and (as a Elisabeth said) “real”! It’s exciting seeing how God is forming us as a community. I sense lots and lots of awesome God-guiding potential in our small church. It makes me sad to leave, yet I know that God is faithful and will provide church for us when we move. I look forward to hearing the wonderous works God has in store for this House Church……


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