Wow (i seem to start a lot of posts with “wow” these days…) it has, yet again, be awhile since I’ve posted. Jeff (“Hi, Jeff”) pointed that fact out to me today at our LTG. So, I confess, I have fallen off the blogging train. Hopefully I can get back on again.

We’re off tomorrow for Cincinnati for Sarah’s Grandmother’s memorial service and to visit with some family. It will be good to see folks, especially since it will be the only time they’ll see Sarah “great with child”. So much is happening it is hard to keep up with it all. Watched Two Towers tonight with friends at Fuller – good movie!! Double WOW! I never cease being so impressed by the vision and sheer storytelling prowess of Tolkien.

House Church is going well. Celebrated a bunch of August Birthdays this past Monday – especially Mary’s. Mary is 98 (yes 98!) and we met at her retirement home. She’s an awesome little lady with much spunk and vigor. What a blessing to know her.

Registered for Fall classes today. Auditing Emerging Church in the 21st Century with Eddie Gibbs – very excited.

So much is happening it is hard to keep up and to keep focused, but suffice to say – God is faithful and though these are crazy times of change and transition I feel confident that he will bring us through and provide along the way (and probably teach us a thing or two as well!).

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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