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I’m grumpy today. Not entirely sure why, just grumpy. Didn’t get breakfast, that’s a major factor. Should be excited though- i’m installing a dvd-r at work today and will get to burn a dvd of a video I made for Fuller Housing. Also, just set up a FotoPage – check it out, not much […]


Fun weekend! Today Sarah and I went to get professional pregnancy photographs taken. They turned out great, which is pretty easy to do when you have a beautiful wife! 🙂 Yesterday we went to St. Andrew’s Abbey’s Fall Festival. It was much fun. About a month ago I spent a couple days on a personal […]


Have I said that I’m hoping to make blogging a spiritual discipline? One of the things I’m realizing about myself is that I tend to get caught up in the midst of doing things and will A) lose perspective and B) forget to reflect and be introspective. As such sometimes I make bad decisions that, […]


Start of Orientation week here at Fuller! 400ish participating new students (more that don’t come to the events). I love seeing the “newness” in their faces as they walk about on campus. Very exciting time for all. Should be fun.


Shazzam! Crazy week! Vegas. Final Paper. Major video project. Homecoming. 4:00 am 4:00 am Ale-8 Baby Shower blur. home. rest. ah.


A post for my friend, Adam Gossman (others are welcome to listen too, of course). Here’s that song I told you about, download away – From Where Will My Help Come (right click and “save target as…”) Enjoy!


I’m really irritated. Just lost a post. That hadn’t happened in a while and I had grown lax in “backing-up” my posts, guess I’ll start doing that again. I HAD said that I’m in the throes (is that right or is it “throws”?) of procrastination again. It’s almost the end of summer quarter at Fuller […]