I’m really irritated. Just lost a post. That hadn’t happened in a while and I had grown lax in “backing-up” my posts, guess I’ll start doing that again.

I HAD said that I’m in the throes (is that right or is it “throws”?) of procrastination again. It’s almost the end of summer quarter at Fuller and I have 3 papers due Friday. I know that should motivate me, but for some reason I’m just not! It’s not that I haven’t enjoyed what I’ve learned/learning, it’s just that my sort of mentally checked out. I’m ready for new challenges, new learnings, and new academic adventures (not to mention a break! Hello!).

In other news~

Sarah’s cousin Michael has a great post about remembering those who have gone before. I couldn’t agree more, it is sad and unfortunate when we discount, disassociate, and generally dis our elders and that great cloud of witnesses ~ upon whose shoulders we stand. I get tired of the next new thing that will save the world, create harmonious relationships, make me a millionaire (“with no money down”!), or get my work done for me (in half the time)! I’m not decrying technology, or advancement for that matter, but the IDEA that we have all the right answers and our forbearers had less, few, or none. Arrogance, I tell you, arrogance.


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