Fun weekend! Today Sarah and I went to get professional pregnancy photographs taken. They turned out great, which is pretty easy to do when you have a beautiful wife! 🙂

Yesterday we went to St. Andrew’s Abbey’s Fall Festival. It was much fun. About a month ago I spent a couple days on a personal retreat at the monastery and was very refreshed. It is a wonderful place with true hospitality and grace. The Spirit is very present there. The festival, though quite different (thousands of people as opposed to a handful) from my retreat, was a Kingdom event as well. Where else could you see a Monk, a clown, dancers, and kids dancing together in praise of our God?

Sarah appropriately quipped that heaven will be like that. I couldn’t agree more.

Also read a great article in Fuller’s Theology, News, and Notes. This issue dealt with understanding Christian conversion and the article looks at it from a postmodern perspective. Insightful and helpful as we navigate in these tricky waters. I particularly liked this quote ~ “The invitation to conversation is simultaneously an invitation to participate with the community in a very particular form of life.” He also talks about evangelism as a “more living and organic” process. Worth a read. I fear that we in the church (emerging, house, traditional, seeker, or otherwise) fall into a very mechanistic/formulaic approach to evangelism and conversion that seems far removed from lived experience AND Biblical witness!

Finally, wanted to give a shout out to Berry, who commented below and has a couple blogs worth checking out ~ http://faithblogs.blogspot.com and http://berryalvis.blogspot.com/

Peace to you all!


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