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She’s here!!!! Introducing Cloe Anna Jayne Klinefelter which means – “God is the gracious giver of new life” born October 29, 2003, 8:04 PM (Pacific Time) 7.00 lbs. 20 inches Mom, Dad, and Cloe are all doing well and we’ll be home sometime Friday afternoon. Thank you ALL so much for your prayers, love, and […]


Cool web site with real time traffic – check it out here. It’s great if you live in LA! Probably won’t need it in Kentucky though!! Lots of new pics at the PhotoSite – Sarah @ work, Fuller’s Campus, ResCom Baby Shower, and the Letherer’s Baby Shower (lots O’showers – we’re pretty clean now [ha] […]


Remember the Transformers? I loved them as a kid! Still remember coming home from school, grapping a pop-tart (cold) and some milk, setting down and watching Transformers and GI-Joe (not to mention Tiger-Cats). I wonder if the episodes and movie are on DVD? Looks like plans are in the works for a Live-Action/CGI Transfromers movie. […]


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately (well, kinda the last 28 years or so!) about that increasingly elusive word/concept/idea/thing – “Church”. It seems that whenever I’m in a conversation about the emerging church, youth ministry, or the like, we get to the point where we are trying to define “church”. There is even […]


Good morning at work today. I got a lot of updates done on the Allelous Dia Aeonos Resident Handbook, it’s pretty basic, but always nice to mark something off the to-do list! Worked on my resume this afternoon. I hope to post it here as a pdf soon. That way if you (honored visitor) are […]


I found another blog of a Cincy fella, Chad Canipe, who’s doing the emerging church deal and web design. I’m more and more convinced that something like this is what I want to do. Even more than that I think that God is drawing me to this. This is hard for me to tell as […]


It has a been a crazy week around here! Each day from 3:00-6:00 I’ve been in an intensive with Eddie Gibbs on the Emerging Church in the 21st Century. It has been great, but has left little time for reflection. Below is a “reflecto-box” of reflections/notes from this past week. On Weds. Spencer Burke of […]