Saw a quote the other day by Mark Twain ~ I thought it said “Generations are always dangerous, especially this one.” It really said “Generalizations”. Now, the second one makes more sense, in a Mark Twain tonque-in-cheek sort of way, but I think my “mis-interpretation” (I use quotes because I’m not sure there really is a “mis” about it) of generations may have some truth to it. I remember in high school and soon after that there was lots of “graduation-talk” about how our generation can change things and make a real difference. I remember thinking, “don’t they say this to all generations”. Perhaps it was Baby-Boomer guilt for how they think they screwed stuff up and are casting their bets on the next generation, but I digress. I think this generation (and by “generation” I don’t necessarily mean a narrow age-defined demographic – GenX, GenY, Millennial, etc… – I a bit suspect of those generalizations!) is dangerous. But that goes for whatever generation is presently having influence on our dominant culture. That generation, the one shaping our values, ethic, and ethos, has a powerful influence on the children’s formation and the elderly’s destination. This generation has much on its plate ~ abortion, same-sex marriage/clergy, increasing pluralization and relativization, technological advancements, cloning, globalization, and environmental destruction ~ just to name a few!

Some sites I’ve perused of late:

Jason Evans’ blog ~ he’s part of Matthew’s House family of house churches in San Diego

DJ Chuang ~ site/blog/chat/etc… a friend at Fuller (Christina Yen) told me about him, looks like he’s into some cool stuff in the DC area, it would be fun to connect with him.

Our friend, Kelly Overton (who just had a guest appearance on the season premiere of The Practice) is starring in this new independent film The Gleam of Dawn coming soon to a theatre near you.


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