House Church threw a surprise Baby Shower for us tonight!! Well, it was a surprise to Sarah, I was in on the secret (someone had to get her there at the right time!). We had a great time and were (again) SO blessed by our wonderful community. Check out the pics here.

All our gifts were wonderful, but the car seat was so wonderful for two reasons: (1) we needed it!, (2) whenever we snuggle our daughter safely in the car seat it will be like our whole community giving her one long, securing hug. Just thinking of that brings tears to my eyes. I grieve not being able to have our little girl grow up with/in this community of faith and life. I know I’ll be glad we moved and are around family again; we’ve always wanted our kids to grow up near and in relationship with their grandparents/extended family. I just wish we could bring everyone in our community with us! I’m so ready to plant ourselves deep in a community for a lllllllooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. Longevity is a virtue we’ve too easily ignored in our techno-paced world. Lord, have mercy….

Good (brief, but good) conversation with Natalie after HC tonight. She read the article (see below) and finds herself in a similar place of disenchantment with the institutional church. Sarah and I both find ourselves as well. Does being a Christian really mean going to (or putting on, if you’re a pastor) a Show every week? What about following Jesus necessitates a public “performance” (in the Hollywood sense of the word). I’m not dising doing well, or decrying excellence, but I’m just not sure my faith needs to depend on how well the worship band (or organ/choir) played, preacher preached, or if my aesthetic needs were met by the “look” of the sanctuary.

But, I digress. Thanks House Church! The gifts were great, but what we’re really grateful for is YOU! You have blessed us beyond measure! Our lives are changed because of you. Christ is glorified in and through you! Our child will know that she is was birthed into a community of Kingdom-proportions. The Gospel has been made real to us because of you! God be with each of you and grant each of you peace, joy, hope, and much love (and jobs!)


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