I’m sick. Felt kinda weird yesterday evening, then last night at 1:30 AM I got the shakes. They were bad. That had never happened before. I was SO cold and I couldn’t stop shaking for 45 minutes or so. Ugh. Not fun. Guess I had a bit of a fever. I’ve laid low today and that has helped, but I haven’t been able to hold Cloe and that’s been a bummer. It’s been rough on Sarah too, now she’s had two people to take care of and I couldn’t help with Cloe.

I’ve been worried about her. She’s (both of us really) has been really overwhelmed lately. She’s breastfeeding, so Cloe demands her attention 24-7. Feeding about every 2-3 hours. I think she’s feeling kinda trapped – not in a bad, “I want out” sorta way, rather in a “this is so overwhelming and tiring and I don’t know how I can keep on” way.

I’m hopeful that once we’ve moved and are living with my parents that things will be easier. We’ll have lots of folks to help take care of the Little Sprout, but we still have 3 weeks till then and it may be a rough 3 weeks. Not to mention the fact that we’re still trying to decide where to live and where to work and all that! I’m not sure we’re capable of making good decisions at this point. That worries me.

In some ways I think I feel a sense of “call” to Cincinnati. Not sure why exactly… It’s just that so many things that I’ve always dreamed about being part of are there. At the same time we had originally thought that we’d be in Lexington, closer to our immediate families. I just don’t know which direction God is leading – or if he is saying either option is fine.

Lord, help us see.


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