The latest on our Big Move:

Looks like we’ll be moving to Norwood, Ohio (Cincinnati) after living with my parents for about 3 weeks. We’ll be moving in with the folks at Vineyard Central, where we’ll be starting a 6 month (or so) practicum/internship. Details are fuzzy and I need to give Kevin a call to figure them out, but looks like that is direction we’re headed!

We’re really excited and very much feel that this is the direction that God is leading us. Lots of confirmation both internally and externally. I’m looking forward to all that God has for us there, it’s going to be fun! Though, at the same time, there is some grieving – we had expected to be living a little closer to our KY families (i.e. Lexington), but we’re only an hour and a half away and it certainly closer than California!

Here’s our tentative schedule so far:

Dec. 11 – pick up the truck

Dec. 12 – turn final papers in!

Dec. 13 – Sarah, Cloe, Missy, Anna fly to KY

Dec. 14 – Brad, Dad, and I pull out with our stuff

Dec. 16 – arrive in KY

Dec. 17 – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Jan. 1 – Christmas with extended Klinefelter clan in Berea, KY

Jan. 4 – move-in to the Community House

Jan. 9-10 – Not Alone


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