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The Template


OK, I’m working on the template…. the date header is broken and the styles are messed up. I’ll attempt a grand fix/update soon…. Hope to have set up soon. Advertisements



I’m trying to set up having some trouble though… hopefully I’ll figure it out soon.


Awhile back I mentioned a couple papers I was working on for class. Thought I’d post them in case anyone needed some reading material to help them fall asleep at night or if you get really bored in the bathroom. Really though, I’d love feedback on them if anyone is so inclined. Elizabeth O’Connor The […]


Humm…. I’m up late. Just finished winning a game of Monopoly (which is sorta unusual – my bro. usually wins). I’m AIMing with John Trent, who is just getting over being grounded. Ah, the life of a teenager in high school – SO glad that I’m not there anymore!! I was so clueless in high […]


Oh, it’s Christmas Eve. We have the wierd tradition around our house. We clean. It’s really not anything planned, we just do it. Like we’re preparing for important guests – no one comes, it’s just us (well, there IS Santa Claus). This has been an odd Advent/Christmas season for me. I’ve been so wrapped up […]


Went to my home church today – Paris First United Methodist Church. I grew up in this church from infancy through high school. It was an interesting experience. Not sure how to describe it. A blend of traditional United Methodism, American entrepreneurial-ism, and good ole’ folks and good memories. I don’t intend any of it […]