I bought The Post-Evangelical by Dave Tomlinson today. I think I’ll be able to use it for one of my papers I need to write. Subject? Something along the lines of Evangelicalism was born out of the Enlightenment and with modernity coming to a close Evangelicalism is shifting as well. As such the church must re-conceptualize its theology and ecclesiology in order to remain faithful to God’s mission and call. I need to work out the language a bit – too clunky. But that’s the general idea. I’m really interested in this subject, but not very motivated to write this paper! It is supposed to be 20 pages long and it feels insurmountable at the moment. But this too shall pass… it always does.

I’m really excited about our upcoming move. I was reflecting last night that I have been so focused on finishing stuff up here (papers, work, etc…) that I hadn’t given much thought to what God is about to be doing in our lives. I’m really excited about getting to know the folks at Vineyard Central and the network of the Midwest Greenhouse.

I really feel that this present season of our lives is a launching pad. I’m not sure what we’re launching into, but I have a keen sense that God has been preparing us these two years at Fuller and that upcoming season will be new, fresh, different, exciting, and fruitful. It just feels right. I’m probably being overly intuitive (is there such a thing?), but there you go.

I hope this isn’t being presumptuous, but I feel like there is a place for us in the Cincinnati/Kentucky region. There is something that God has for us to do there. I’m not sure what that means theologically – would God do it anyway, without us, if we weren’t faithful. Am I making too much of myself? I don’t know. But I am increasingly of the opinion that God is in dialogue with us. Our relationship is dynamic. He needs us and we need him – is that heresy? Maybe, but it keeps me on my toes!


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