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Forecast for Cincinnati, OH Jan 30 Flurries 15°F (Hi) -2°F (Low) 20% (Precip.) Advertisements

I saw Jesus last night. He was at the Pub. He likes it there. People are real. They are more relaxed. You can talk about him there too – he doesn’t mind. Really. He actually kind of likes it. Jesus is funny that way, he likes to show up in unexpected places. Did you know […]

Long overdue: Pics of Brownhouse folk Pics of St. Elizabeth’s AND Pics of Izaac’s Very Cool New Room Here’s a sample: Check the rest of ’em out here.

Got a job possibility – Executive Director for Smart Growth Coalition for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. I’d love to work here. They are combatting sprawl. I would love to work for an organization that works for ecological and sociological health of a city/region. We’ll see what develops. Thoughts on Mission over yonder. We’ve had […]

Swearch Google in Elmer Fudd-ese!! Or Klingon!

Practicum post


check it out – I need to set up comments on the Practicum blog and I’d like to figure out how to put something on either blog that says when the most recent post was on the other. Is that an XML thing? Thoughts anyone?

It works – go here.