Thoughts on emerging church, worship space, and our “over against-ness” of stuff


Good thoughts perculating in my mind of late. Last night helped Kevin and the Mayhem folks set-up for the Big Gathering this weekend. I enjoyed getting to know these folks better (meeting most for the first time outside of cyberspace). I’m excited about this weekend. It should be a great time to meet new people and contemplate what God is doing in Cincy and the mid-west.

As we were prepping last night Kevin and I chatted about alt.worship possibilities. Exciting! I see tons of potential for this kind of thing here. As such I remembered Jonny Baker and Steve Collins @ Small Ritual. These guys across the pond are all over this kind of thing. I’m really interested in exploring kirchelandschaft #1, kirchelandschaft #2, kirchelandschaft #3, and the whole third place idea (click on the color bars at the top of the small ritual site). Lots to explore/experiement/play with here. I think VC may be just the place for such an endeavor…. we shall see.

Also, been thinking a lot about “over-against-ness”. Talking with Kevin last night and Daniel the other day about this. Increasingly I am uncomfortable, both in my life and in the emerging church world, of defining me or the church as being over and against something else. This seems like a terribly weak foundation on which to base something. Yet it is a temptation that I too often find myself slidding into. Not only is it a rather pessimistic/negative stance to take, it is also unhealthy and actually kinda sad. I’d rather characterize my life as being for something. What am I dreaming rather than dreading?

Oh, also when I was over @ small ritual I found this interesting article/diagram on the church as networked. Check it out here.

Today I’ll be helping prep for this coming weekend and all the guests that will be coming (ie. cleaning). I’m starting to get anxious about a job. It would be nice to figure that out. I want a job where I can have the freedom to be involved with what is happening at VC, the opportunity to connect with the people I work with, the ability to be involved the community, and the space to be creative and be in leadership. Is all that possible? Can I get paid for all that?

Lord, have mercy.

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