Community. Mission. Mayhem.


This weekend has been great. I’ve had a great opportunity to connect with some great folk. It’s been cool to meet people that I’ve known through the blogging world as well as new peeps. The best part has been the networking opportunities.

I had a job interview on Friday, which was encouraging. But I’m not sure if I’m going to take the job. It is in Newport, KY (about 20 minutes from here) and doesn’t pay well. I really desire a job (income source) in Norwood. I want to live an integrated life. Maybe that is an unrealistic ideal or some utopian dream. But why not. Not that I want to be insulor or inbred. But to be able to work with folk whom I may actually be in ongoing relationship with. I want overlap in my spheres (work, home, church) of life.

So, what kind of job am I looking for. I’m not sure. Sometimes I have clarity on it, othertimes not all. I’d love to grow and explore and create with web design. But I make no presumptions of being an “expert” or thoroughly proficient. I have a lot to learn, but I think I know enough to get started (and I learn fast) – Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Photoshop, html.

But I’m also interested in some sort of community development, non-profit, administration.

Here’s something I think would be cool. To help non-profits and churches to develop their web interactivity and ministry. I don’t just mean a cool web site or “cyber-church” but a way for social services to expand into cyberspace. But to also provide community space for web access and a third place for gathering and socializing. In some ways I would love to multi-task and yet get paid. I’d like about three part time jobs, but ones that all coincide and collaborate. (and provide health insurance)

It would be so cool to have a small restaurant, coffeshop, cybercafe, bar(?) here in Norwood (near VC) where folk could come and hang out (third place), surf the net, learn computer skills, help “the average joe” develop a blog or web business, receive spiritual direction, browse (buy from) a book store, play cards, maybe even get their hair cut or a massage! That would be SO sweet! I’d love to manage, serve, work at a place like that! Could that work?


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