He likes it better there.


I saw Jesus last night. He was at the Pub. He likes it there. People are real. They are more relaxed. You can talk about him there too – he doesn’t mind. Really. He actually kind of likes it. Jesus is funny that way, he likes to show up in unexpected places. Did you know he likes hot wings and beer (Kevin thinks he likes Guiness, but I think he brews his own – he has this thing for creating stuff)?

He didn’t mind that we didn’t pray before we ate or that we “rabbitt-trailed” off the “spiritual” conversation. You know what else is cool. While Jesus was hanging out at our table, he was also playing cards with a dad and his daughter, and watching a romance blossom at two other tables. Oh, and he was back home with a mom and her 3 month old daughter. He’s got a knack for being in more than one place at a time.

But, you know the thing that I noticed most about Jesus last night? He was so relaxed. He’s a pretty mellow guy. He didn’t seem in a hurry or too busy. He wasn’t worried about fixing anything or anybody. He was ok with ambiguity. He was just hanging out. I don’t know – maybe it was just the beer.


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