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Busy couple days. Tuesday got a call to do some temp work at Procter & Gamble. So Weds-Friday and all next week I’ll be scanning in articles, documents, images, and the like. Creating folders, files, and pdfs of all of it. I appreciate the work and its cool to see the “inside” of P&G. But […]

Joi Ito’s Web: Understanding culture through motion pictures I saw “Lost in Translation” last night and this morning at the Y (while half working out) I found an article in a magazine about this guy, Joi Ito, who has a blog and it’s more of a destination or online community than a personal journal. Anyhow, […]

Vineyard (de)Central(ized) and on the Move E-pistle to the Vineyard Central Family – March 11, 2003 Kevin’s blog from March 2003 (I remember reading this a year ago, weird) Todd Hunter’s March 2003 blog E-pistle to the Vineyard Central Family – November 1, 2002 Pastoral Council Decisions Being Ordained by Vineyard Central A letter by […]

Assistant Director of the Learning Assistance Center I really do. So please, if you are prayin’ folk, PRAY! I think I would have a lot to offer the Center and Xavier. I also think it would be a good growing experience for me. It’s a leadership position that, according to the Director (who I met […]

Came across this post (thanks to Bob Carlton and Steve Collins). I like it. For three reasons. One. i think there is a kingdom-feel to it. Two. the writer may or may not be a self-professed Jesus-follower. Three. I love the design of the site, there is someting simple yet rich about it. Steve Collins […]

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Easter on the Net – When is Easter? Easter 2004 Ash Wednesday is 25 February Palm Sunday is 4 April Good Friday is 9 April (Western) Easter Sunday is 11 April (Orthodox) Easter Sunday is 11 April Pretty cool that Orthodox and Western Easter on the same day this year. I wonder if we could […]