On the Lake


We’re in Georgia. We’re about 30 miles north of Atlanta in a suburbia, in a very nice home for the night before we head up to the retreat center for the Greenhouse. Bill and Jan Levin are hosting us – a lovely couple, gracious hosts, in a beautiful and hospitable home. It sits between two lakes in a suburban development. They strike me as kingdom folk. They’ve been a part of the Adventists for 30 years. Bill is coordinating church planting in Atlanta metro area and is interested in moving more organic/HC. I’m gathering that this will be an interesting weekend…. some folk who are open to the idea of organic church and missional models…. others who are very used to (maybe comfortable with?) church as it traditionally done. I hope our stuff is received well – not unquestioned, but with an open spirit.

Great hanging and conversing with Kevin last night as we travelled. We seem to be come to things “churchy” from a similar perspective. My prayer for this weekend is that I would get to know Kevin beyond talking “shop” (i.e. church) and get to know him as a person, child of God, brother in Christ.

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