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First off – it occurred to me yesterday that I need to stop blogging for Lent. I know, I know Lent is half over, and this is not some lame attempt to have my cake and eat it too by only forgoing the blog for half of the time, rather I think it’s the case […]

This is a link from a Catholic fellow and part-n-parcle (is that the right expression) with a comment that Arnold made below. I.E. there seems to be a real penchant for things “Catholic” by “emerging church” (sorry Alan, I don’t like the catch-all either) folk. Don’t have time to post much now, but I would […]

Waiting on X1 to index the hard drive and network, so I have some time for blogging. We’ve got folk stay with us this week from Mad City Church from Madison, Wisconsin. Neat people with inquisitive minds and open hearts. Good solid folk. Got turned down for the Xavier job that I wanted so much. […]

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I’m helping lead this camp this summer. Should be fun! Let’s Party!