Bloggin’ from work


Waiting on X1 to index the hard drive and network, so I have some time for blogging.

We’ve got folk stay with us this week from Mad City Church from Madison, Wisconsin. Neat people with inquisitive minds and open hearts. Good solid folk.

Got turned down for the Xavier job that I wanted so much. Major Bummer. I was pretty PO’d on Friday when I found out… wanted to blog earlier, but its been busy lately. I’m not sure why I didn’t even get an interview… maybe not enough formal “education” experience (ie. don’t have a BA in Education). I thought I’d call and find out why.

I think the thing that frustrates me the most – not just about this Xavier job, but job hunting in general – is that I’ve been preparing for 10 years (TEN YEARS) for a job that I no longer want! Meaning I don’t want to work in “professional”, paid local church ministry. I want to be in ministry – both in a local church body and in the workplace – but I don’t want to get paid for pastoring. I’m not necessarily making a categorical statement – “paying any pastor is bad”, I sure there are healthy, life-giving situations out there. And there are those who God calls and uses in that way. But it is not for me. It creates a false distinction and “ownership” problems. In our consumer world, professional ministers can become just another commodity. Anyway, since I entered Asbury College in 1993 I’ve been on the track to be a professional clergy, I worked in a church for 4 years as a youth/Christian Ed., and I went (am going) to Seminary – all great things if you are jumping the hoops for ordination in a Old-line Denomination. But not so great if you want to work in the marketplace as a Christ-follower and minister along side sisters and brothers in a simple church. I really want/need to provide income and sustenance for our family, but its hard to get a well-paying job if your resume looks like a ministry vita. There’s a lot more here, I’m still processing it and trying to understand what God is doing in our midst and in my life. It seems obvious that he has me at P&G for several reasons. We’ll see what happens.

By the way, good stuff happening over here at vineyard central’s community blog


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