Easter and Celtic/Appalachian Spirituality


I’m back. It was good to take a blogging hiatus for Lent. It helped me re-focus and re-connect with flesh-n-blood relations.

Easter weekend was incredible. There are barely adequate words to describe the experience. Via Crucis was amazing. It was so fun to do together. It was the most collaborative and creative worship experience I have ever had the priveledge of participating in. My main role was that of connector. I just help folks hook up. If all I ever do at VC is serve as “Resident Connector”, I will have a very fulfilling and wonderful ministry!

Cloanna was also dedicated on Easter. It was very fulfilling to have our families and new (and old) friends join us. Cloey is truly a gift to us, to our community, and to the world. We are already beginning to see her minister to those around her with her welcoming smile, chubby cheeks, and sweet disposition. God is, without a doubt, the gracious giver of new life.

There are new pics, of Easter, friends, Bhouse and various and sundry, posted on my fotopage.

Today at P&G (where I’m still temping) I listened to Christine Sine’s Soularize talk about Celtic Spirituality. Very good stuff. It is (by her admission) a summary of her book (which wasn’t out yet when the talk was recorded) Sacred Rhythms: Finding a Peaceful Pace in a Hectic World. She and her husband Tom (who also has a good talk on the CD) are connected with the Mustard Seed Associates.

Anyhow, her talk + Kevin’s Celtic prayer at Easter worship and the Celtic daily prayers we are starting her at the Brownhouse have all renewed my interest and awareness of such things as rhythm, life-giving, monastic/missional (as together, not seperate), etc… With all that in mind check out:

The Lindisfarne Gospels online. You can “turn the pages” of this beautiful and inspirational work of art.

And books by William John Fitzgerald. Includes titles like Blessings for the Fast Paced and Cyberspaced: Parables, Reflections, and Prayers and A Contemporary Celtic Prayer Book

In the process of recalling our Celtic history (“ours” in that it is part of my story as the body of Christ) I am reminded that the history comes even closer to home. The Appalachian mountains were settled by many Celts and this is where my dad grew up and where my grandfather served as a missionary among the mountain folk (at a little place call Greasy Creek, yes, Greasy Creek). I’d love to explore Appalachian spirituality and it’s similarities to the Celtic variety. What does it have to teach us today in urban/post-_______ America? I suspect a lot.

I was thinking I’d email my Grandfather (it’s pretty cool to be able to say that!) and see if I could come visit to talk with him about such things. Kevin is interested and I suspect Alan would be too (Hey Alan – the invite is thus extended). We’ll see where this goes and what God is teaching me in the midst of it – it feels like there is something important in it.

I need to spend some time reflecting on life in general (and specific), both here and on my practicum blog (which is sadly atrophied). But for now this will do.

++ Peace to you all. ++


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