Two things I really need to do:


1) Write a reflection on Via Crucis.

2) Apply for this job –

Here’s the job description:


Cincinnati Wesley Foundation – United Methodist Campus Ministry (CWF)

University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

DESCRIPTION OF UC: The University is an urban, public university in the heart of Cincinnati with enrollment of 33,000 (with nearly 4,000 in campus housing, fraternities and sororities). See the website for more complete information.

CWF MISSION: Wesley Foundation UMC Campus Ministry at UC is a welcoming, affirming community centered in Jesus Christ that nurtures growth and empowers students to explore, enrich and practice their faith.

CWF ORGANIZATION: CWF is a dynamic community of students who visit the Ministry House each day for Christian hospitality, discipleship, and a safe atmosphere in which to search and grow along their faith journeys. Wesley Foundation is a partnership between the students, Director, staff, and Board, providing leadership and spiritual development opportunities for students.


-The ability to recruit and work effectively with students from diverse racial and cultural backgrounds

-The ability to foster an environment in which students lead most aspects of the daily operations of the ministry

-The ability to work effectively with Cincinnati area churches, pastors, and key laypersons in the development of this ministry

-The ability to teach and demonstrate the importance of the church’s concern for social justice and active student involvement in community service learning opportunities

-The ability to develop support networks and programs for students to keep demands upon their lives balanced spiritually, psychologically, and academically

-The ability to provide faith development, vocational guidance and personal counseling to students

-The ability to lead students and the Board in effective ministry through collaboration, delegation and teamwork

-The ability to identify, recruit and hire additional staff (students or otherwise) and volunteers for specific areas of expertise within the ministry

-The ability to work together with the Board in the execution of the vision for a new Ministry House built on the existing site

-The ability to provide oversight to administrative, organizational and financial matters


Experience in ecumenical and cooperative inter-faith ministry

Experience in ministry with persons from diverse cultural backgrounds

Experience in United Methodist ministries

Fundraising knowledge and skills

Effective leadership in dynamic, transitional organizations

Computer skills


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