“in vivo”


I learned a new word today, in vivo, it means “within a living organism”. What a wonderful word! It reminds me of what I’m reading in Hunsberger’s “The Church between Gospel and Culture” about the gospel being incarnated in the context of the living community of faith. This is exactly what we’re trying to do at VC (atleast as articulated by me) and our house church. No more of the gospel being an abstract concept or proposition that requires uncritical mental assent – rather this gospel (this good story of Christ and His Kingdom) is embodied (carefully chosen word) in our community. Want to know the gospel? Get to know us!

Insert critic— Doesn’t that make the gospel terribly relative and subjective?

Gentle reply— Yes.

Critic confounded— Where’s the objective TRUTH?!?!

Gentle reply 2— HE is still here.

Critic pondering— Doesn’t this put a lot of pressure on the people of God?

Knowing reply— Yes, that’s very true. It keeps us honest.

In vivo to you and yours


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