A Question….


one that I’m pondering. “Am I afraid to be small?”

I don’t just mean the size of my church, but in my life of faith in general. Am I afraid that I won’t count, be significant, successful, noticed, appreciated, “stroked”, esteemed, invited to speak, etc… if I were living a small, unnoticed, quiet Gospel-oriented life? Why do I think I need to “do big things for God”? What’s wrong with little, inconsequential, unnoticed?

Why do I think I need approval from “the powers that be” in order to have meaning and significance? By the way, those “powers” can just as easily be ecclesiastical or familial as government, media, and the like.

Why do I think that getting to know my neighbor is less significant that hosting a worship event? Why I am so afraid to be unimportant to lots of people? Why can’t I just be important to a few (a dozen, perhaps)?

hum. are you afraid to be small, too?

oh, check out Small Fire.


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