Tribe, Clan, Fam


Don’t let the Kevin Rains fellar fool ya. He’s a smart guy, with more than his fair share of insight/wisdom. Last night he was pontificating about Tribe, Clan, Family as an appropriate and healthy way to understand how the People of God function Nationally, Regionally, Locally. The organization happens most specifically and thoroughly on a local level, with decreasing degrees as it broadens. There is a lot to think about here and I’ll leave that to more capable minds and other times.

I am feeling movements in the substratum of conversations and ponderings (kinda like sitting in a raft on ocean – feeling the waves ebb and flow, pulse and pause underneath me) about national, regional, and local re-expression of the Body of Christ gathered. Kevin hints at some of this over at his blog. And there are some cool gatherings of other sorts happening elsewhere as well. Here are a few I’ve noticed of late:

Worship, art, liturgy, and preaching in the emerging culture

2004 Emergent Theological Conversation with Walter Brueggemann

Reel Spirituality Conference: Music to our Eyes: Music, Film, and Theology in Dialogue

Northwest Graduate School Seminars

The Theology Studio

There is also talk of renewed regional gatherings and some local worship experiments. I’m intrigued and encourage by all of these things. I know now what my role in any of these will be. I feel somewhat more drawn to the local at the moment, letting others tackle the regional or national things (but participating certainly). Seems like I’m needing to wait until some things in my life (job, house) get settled a bit, before committing to too much else.

That said, we’re still hoping to have Eddie Gibbs and Eric Herron come out in October for a smallish gathering for conversation. It feels like that needs some direction and attention. I see (hope, desire, long for) a few retreat days in the near future. One to focus on the Jr. High Camp I’m helping lead, one for the VC web site that we’re in the process of updating, and one for the October Eddie/Eric thingy.

Much in process. Good stuff all. Waiting. Trusting. Waiting. Trusting. Trusting.


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