Community Art Class


For those who were around the Brownhouse last night for HC you heard the beginnings of this call that was sounded, for those who weren’t allow me to summarize:

Last night two neighborhood kids, Michael and Tesla, came by at the end of our church gathering to tell us that they really wanted to help raise money for the church building restoration. They were very enthused and specific about what they wanted to do. They would like to raise between $500 and $750. They would like to do so by having an Art Class for neighborhood kids. To paraphrase them, “there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood that like art and it would be good to keep them off the streets and out of trouble” (truly, that’s what they said). So they were essentially enlisting our help.

This art class, if it is something that God is leading us to (and it seems that he is from my estimation), is not something I am able to spearhead – but I think there are many in our midst who could. So I sumbit this to you. If you sense this is something God is calling you to, please let others know. I can (or Steve and Becky can) put you in touch with Tesla and Michael. They don’t just want this thing done for them – they very much want to and are willing to help.

This is a tremendous opportunity to both bless the neighborhood, foster and form relationships with Telsa amd Michael, and share what God is doing in our midst with others. I look forward to seeing where God takes us!

If you are interested in being a part of this – let me know and I’ll connect you with others who are as well.


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