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IM conversation


On Friday night (and into the wee hours of Sat. morn) friends gathered – new and old. Drinks were drunk, smokes were smoked, wounds were let to breathe, jokes were told, and good and rich and “kingdom-full” conversations pervaded the space. If the Kingdom were a party – this was surely a Kingdom gathering. This […]

Make AIDS a crucial topic at both conventions (read). AIDS poverty dept trade politics advocacy money will passion

“The number of Americans living in poverty or without health insurance grew last year, a government survey showed, adding potential dynamite to the battle for the White House. The ranks of the financially stricken in the world’s most powerful economy climbed 1.3 million to 35.9 million people in 2003, pushing up the poverty rate to […]

Harvest Time


“Always, man dreams about the future what he will sow next and where he will reap a harvest. The planting itself is not enough; he longs for the day of fruitfulness. Like God, he sees that people grow too: young boys to men, young men to elders. With patient shaping and instruction, they, too, will […]

Steve Taylor writes about “postmodern monasteries”, here’s a quote: “A postmodern monastery – Combining authentic, low-budget group creativity with the task of preserving technical knowledge within the rhythms of prayer in order to cross the digital divide and catalyse open source spirituality” Here’s the link: read it. This is fodder for our ongoing conversation about […]

Elizabeth Herron.