Vocation, Mocation, Location


I need help. I need a job. I’m still temping at P&G, which is fine and all, but doesn’t allow us to have a house of our own.

More than that, I’m frustrated. Which direction is God leading us? If would have to guess I’d say he was saying “sit still”. Which is terribly difficult, not much fun, and quite frustrating. All the platitudes about “in the Lord’s time”, don’t help much right now. Naturally, in the Lord’s time lots of things will happen. But right now I’m annoyed!

I believe God has called us here, to Norwood, VC, and P&G – but is this where we are to stay? I also believe that part of our call as a family is to hospitality (having our own place – a little oasis of kingdom-life), community (connected – intimately – with his body), stability (to put down deep roots in a place and a people for the long-haul), beauty (to nurture natural and creative stuff around us) provision (having the resources necessary to live lives of service to our children and our community) and leadership (to influence others and systems for kingdom-life). But the hospitality and stability and provision are still a mystery. I trust/assume that he will provide them, but I’m clueless how and when that will happen.

That’s it.



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