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Story = Connection = Unity. The story of our separation: “We see it in the world, the desire for connection, yet a story/script/narrative of needing no-one and being commitment phobic…maybe collaboration is a better word than committment to our culture. And do we use eschatology to bring people together, to cause connection, or seperation (a […]

Here’s something I’ve been working on for VC. It’s a Simple Church Eucharist Rite. Taken and adapted from the Book of Common Prayer. It is a liturgy in process. I welcome any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or affirmations. Feel free to use it too, if you find it helpful. We’re going to experiment with it here […]

1. what does it mean to be a VC HC? see Kevin. 2. what does VC leadership look like? 3. who is VC? mission – great commission purpose – great commandment

From the good folks at Open Source Theology. The main talks given by Tom Wright at the Future of the People of God conference are now available for download. Session 1: God’s future for the world has arrived in the person of Jesus Session 2: Understanding and implementing Jesus’ gospel in the present Session 3: […]

Its only Monday, but I’m already excited about the coming weekend. Friends coming to town Friday – Alice and Matthew Smith. Matthew is performing in Florence, KY and they will be staying over at the Brownhouse. Info on the performance here. Matthew’s Blog here. His main website here. Free Download sample of his music here. […]

There’s a party going on in our backyard. A wedding party to be exact. We had a wedding today. It was a Redemptive wedding – one where Christ was glorified and worshipped and two lives became as one. And there was a drag queen… but that’s a whole other story! Here are some of the […]

a prayer…


“Train us Lord, to fling ourselves upon the impossible, for behind the impossible is your grace and your presence; we cannot fall into emptiness. The future is an enigma, our road is covered by mist, but we want to go on giving ourselves, because you continue hoping amid the night and weeping tears through a […]