Feeling the Funk, part 879.3



Good trip to MN. Very relaxing and rejuvenating. But continued to bring up all sorts of ponderings … where is God leading us? why do Sarah and I feel so divided about it?

I guess two things (atleast came out of the weekend):

1) IF God calls us to MN, I’m ok (or becoming ok) with going. Not saying he is, or that I want him to, but IF.

2) IF God calls us to suburbia (i.e. outside of Norwood), I’m becoming ok with it. I got a glimpse of some of the pain, brokenness, and “lost-ness” present in the land of affluence. While I don’t relish being in a new neighborhood (I like the one I’m in and see hope in it), I could see living in a more “affluent” area (not that we can really afford it, but if we could). And if God called us there, I would see us as a branch of VC – establishing a new cluster of believers connected to the VC hub in Norwood.

I have NO idea if that is what God is doing (in either case), but my heart is softening. I guess I’ve been pretty admit that Norwood was it, and perhaps it is, but I’m willing to go elsewhere if God leads.

But, basically I still feel “ugh”.


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