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One Year Ago


Wow. I love my daughter. My post from last year: She’s here!!!! Introducing Cloanna Jayne Klinefelter which means – “God is the gracious giver of new life” born October 29, 2003, 8:04 PM (Pacific Time) 7.00 lbs. 20 inches Mom, Dad, and Cloe are all doing well and we’ll be home sometime Friday afternoon. Thank […]

kinoti blog


Some people need a voice. Others need to simply be heard. You need to hear Kinoti. He is a good friend and one that is missed. Did you know that there are more Christians in Africa than North America? There are – by wide margin (see Phil Jenkins’ The Next Christendom – unfortunate title aside). […]



Vine & Branches Community Schola Servant Leadership School Underground Seminary Been thinking about these things and the need for something like this at VC and in Cincinnati. I like the once a month meeting rhythm – with readings and writings in between time. Its more a matter of time – when would it work to […]

So Just Quit

28Oct04 – Six Ways I Quit Church. Note the readers responses… amazing. Thanks Bob for the link-up. Oh, and check out his follow-up article.

From the good people at Sojourners – Life, pro-life, and statistics: “In response to Dr. Glen Stassen’s column, “Pro-life? Look at the fruits” [SojoMail 10/13/2004], Randall K. O’Bannon and Laura Hussey of the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund have alleged that his analysis is “mistaken and misleading,” and questioned his “consistently pro-life” credentials. […]

The New York Times > Technology > New Food for IPods: Audio by Subscription The New York Times > Technology > ‘Tuning In’ to Podcasts That’s pretty legit coverage. Also check out WNYC’s (New York Public Radio) interview with Adam Curry about Podcasting

1. Podcasting ideas. Think church/God-bloggers in conversation. Think Daily Office. Think weekly lectionary. 2. VC leadership, where we’re going, and how I fit in. 3. What do we believe? Think Person of Christ. Theology of Scripture. Creed. Soon and very soon (I hope).