This is going to be BIG


Right now (like, this week) this is a geek thing. Next week, or very soon – this is going to be BIG. Think Blogging – but Audio and Video – not just audblog, but RSS feeds. They call it Podcasting. Check it out.

Implications for church/mission/theology? Possibilities: NT Wright does a lecture for Open Source Theology (like he just did), the mp3/aac gets “pushed” to your iTunes by the NT Wright Page. Download to iPod. Listen. Or – Vineyard Central (or your church) writes a worship song, records it and mixes it in GarageBand, it can be syndicated and “pushed” to anyone who subscribes (the chord charts could be posted on the blog and “pushed” thru a RSS feed). Download to iPod. Listen. The result? Commodification, maybe? Or possibly a great way to share what God is doing around the world or in our network.


How-To: Podcasting (aka How to get Podcasts and also make your own) – Engadget –

IT Conversations (listen to the Gillmor Gang – October 2, 2004 – its free)

Trade Secret Podcasts: What is podcasting?


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