Family Prayer


Good stuff from the Asbury folks down Kentuck-way.

“When Jesus showed his disciples how to pray, He used words like “our” “us” and “we.” There was no “I” “me” or “mine” to be found. The prayer sounded out of rhythm when I thought it through saying, “My father who art in heaven,” and “give me this day my daily bread.”

We have no concept of being in a tribe in our rugged, individual, “I earned mine now you go earn yours” Western culture. A tribe where the life of the body hinges on the connections of the body.”

That bit about the “connections of the body” got me thinking… how does the Body of Christ in this place called VC “hinge together”? Angie is talking of such things in the context of money – important topic if we are really to be a tribe of believers. Money (sex and power with it – see Richard Foster’s “The Challenge of the Disciplined Life”) has so much influence and (often) control on us that we must address it in the context of the Kingdom (ala discipleship/formation/transformation/maturation).

(I use too many parenthesis [btw])

This all, of course, connects with a lot of where VC is in her journey. How are we connected as a network? How do we function as a network (i.e. leadership, decisions, & roles)? And even more basically – What does it mean to be a Christian – a citizen of God’s Kingdom? These are questions that I (and others) keep coming back to. They are important. I hope to put “fingers to keyboard” (I guess that’s like “pen to paper”) and think through some of these questions some more in the coming week. Kevin has a great quote about “what it means to be a Christian” over on his blog. And there is good stuff in the In the House newsletter as well.

Journey On.

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