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From the good people at Sojourners – Life, pro-life, and statistics:

“In response to Dr. Glen Stassen’s column, “Pro-life? Look at the fruits” [SojoMail 10/13/2004], Randall K. O’Bannon and Laura Hussey of the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund have alleged that his analysis is “mistaken and misleading,” and questioned his “consistently pro-life” credentials. In their words: “Stassen presents himself as someone sympathetic to the pro-life cause who was shocked and saddened to find out that our pro-life president’s policies were not having the pro-life effects he anticipated. That persona is misleading.”

+ Read their full article

Stassen has responded in turn, admitting some statistical errors but defending his overall analysis and conclusions. While disputing O’Bannon and Hussey on a number of specific points, he concludes with a challenge and invitation: “I want us to be pro-life in deed, not only in word. I am hoping that here we can find common ground. I respect O’Bannon and Hussey for their very extensive work in checking the numbers, and for their pro-life commitment, and I sincerely hope we could work together.”

Stassen further underlines the nonpartisan nature of his concern: “I urge changes in both George Bush’s and John Kerry’s policies in the directions that I have indicated. Bush does better in words, but his policies have undermined prospective mothers; Kerry does better in supporting prospective mothers, but I am pushing him to make a strong verbal commitment to doing what he can to prevent abortions. Both changes are possible, if they have the will.”

+ Read Stassen’s full response


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