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Some people need a voice. Others need to simply be heard. You need to hear Kinoti. He is a good friend and one that is missed. Did you know that there are more Christians in Africa than North America? There are – by wide margin (see Phil Jenkins’ The Next Christendom – unfortunate title aside). You need to hear that too.

Listen to Kinoti. He reminds of what is truly important.

Digital catch-up

Being from Africa means alot of things, most of them great… Yes I know the media has all these facts and figures to the negative. Don’t believe all of them. Where else can you have such hospitable people, unique community participation, and a love for football – yes true football where you actually use your feet to kick the ball – not hand carry it! Or where else can you see wild animals living side by side people in perfect harmony? Well, maybe I am taken by the place, but it is only natural. It is home for me. No other place will ever be.

The only thing I probably lament, is having to do digital catch-up with my western friends. That’s only because in these infomation age times, it is important. But I am grateful for people like Aaron Klinfelter, (AK) – – since they have in more ways than one urged me to ‘catch-up’. AK I am trying, though it might be light years before I get there. I nudge him too and others to ‘just hang out’ and talk. Nothing more. Seems the west needs to do some catching up too.

Anyway, I am on working to bring Africa on the map of the digital age. preposterous! Well, I guess there are others who are doing more than that. Mine is a selfish wish for a voice in a fast-paced life. What’s wrong with this place? It oughta be slower – like in my village in Meru, Kenya.”

We’re trying, Kinoti, we’re trying. Lord, give us Grace and Strength to “just hang out and talk”. You know we need it.


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