I’m working through that idea right now – especially in the life of VC. I am unequivicolly convinced and determined to keep life/church/ministry/family simple – or as simple as possible. But that seems to be difficult of late. It might just be me (though I don’t think it is). As our network becomes more active (more AllGroups, LC meetings, PC meetings, one-on-ones, etc….) it is becoming more difficult to keep things afloat.

Let me be the first to say that I do not mean that we are attempting to manufacture or manipulate ministry with “programs” or “activities” – I do NOT think we are. Actually I see this period of time in the life of VC as a “habit-forming” season. You’ve probably heard that it takes 30 days to form a habit. For a community it may take a different amount of time…. but whatever the case…. it takes time. I think it is of the utmost importance that we form some life-giving Godly habits as a community. I pray and hope that as these habits form in us (and form us) that they will require less and less time, energy, and effort.

Here are some habits that I think we need to (and are in the midst of) forming:

– Monthly AllGroups: where churches in our network gather for worship, fellowship, and learning

– Regular Leadership Community gatherings: leaders telling stories, info, and supporting one another

– Monthly Pastoral Council meetings: solid core of PC members listening and navigating together

– Schola – somekind of “continuing education” for our network (and open to the larger Body of Christ in Greater Cincy)

Two other areas that I hope to see (but am unsure how they will happen) are:

– Multiplying HCs: we’ve had some miscarriages and still births, but we also have some pregnancies that may be coming due

– Active Neighborhood engagement: St. E’s and Artist Co-op probably fit here….

All that to say: I am feeling somewhat full at the moment. No, I don’t feel like quiting (I don’t and won’t). But am curious how to live a sane, balanced life that honors my family, my church, my network, my workplace, and (not to mention) my soul.

any ideas?


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