My Grandpa


Last week my Grandpa, Gerry Klinefelter, had a stroke. We went to Lexington to visit him at the UK hospital on Friday and on Sunday. It was appropriate that we were celebrating AllSaints this weekend, as he is one of the Saints worthy of celebration.

He was a missionary, pastor, teacher, friend, co-laborer, and leader in Eastern KY from the 1950s on. He also wrote an extensive history of our family. Here’s some of it about my Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather and the early Evangelical Church:

I quote from the John Dreisbach journals

“August 25,1813 Today, I came to Brother Jacob Klinefelter and stayed overnight.

August 28,1813

Today I observed prayer and fast day and excised myself in the reading of the scriptures. I came today again to Jacob Kleinfelter, where our Big Meeting was held. (A Big Meeting was a several days meeting to which preachers and laity came from beyond the immediate neighborhood. The services were held in barns usually. It meant much cooking for the women folks but history records that they gave that as their devotion to their Lord.) In the evening the brethren Zimmerman and Schauer also Henrich Neibel, David Jerlitz and Jacob Klinefelter (Jacob would have been the son of the host and my great-great-great grandfather) came. My heart was refreshed to see my brethren again.

February 2,1817

At night I preached at Jacob Kleinfelter’s from I Thess. 5:3-4. Praise God it was a good service. I preached at one o’clock from Acts 13:39. A good spirit was in the meeting, the believers were serious and I felt good with the power of God’s blessing on me. The quarterly conference was held in the usual manner.

September 22nd

(meeting continued) at 1:00 o’clock I preached. There were great shoutings and penitent souls eeking grace. The congregation was dismissed with great blessings, parting with love and it appeared as if the fear of God was upon them all. Early Evangelicals were most vocal in their worship and seeking of the Lord.

From Bishop Newcomer’s Journal of April 3,1815 this notation; “This morning my poor soul is drawn out in prayer to God for sanctifying power. I rode to Jacob Kleinfelter’s. The Albright Brethren have their conference here, about 14 or 15 preachers are assembled. I made another attempt to effect a union between the two societies but in vain.” Albright Brethren is another name for the Evangelicals. I feel honored that this effort was held in a Klinefelter home. One hundred-thirty-one years later in 1946 the church union between the United Brethren and the Evangelicals did come to pass. Back then the stumbling point was a matter of who should have the privilege of voting in conference. The United Brethren felt that all ordained ministers should have the privilege of voting in conference. The Evangelicals felt…nothing doing; only those who freeze, sweat, and get soaked in circuit riding should vote. Though they did not unite; they parted friends.

Blogging and Body of Christ go way back…. its good to be a part of such a rich heritage.

Say a prayer for my Grandpa, he is improving, still gaining his speech and movement back, but is still in much need for improvement. May God bless his servant and bring him home only when his season has reached its full end.


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