Regional IM Chat


So this weekend we had our Regional AllSaints Gathering down in Lex.  Alan and Liz Creech and the fine folks of VBCC hosted a wonderful time of fun, conversation, worship, and a good bit of frivality (is that a word?).

See Alan’s blog (here, here, and here) for a recap of the weekend and the asundry activities.  But here is a text file of an IM Chat, combined with meeting notes, from Sat. morning leaders gathering.  Kevin Rains, Bill Bean, and Glenn Johnson (and a guest appearance by Beth Keck)could not be physically present in Lex, so we included them via IM.  Alan, Chris, and myself gave something resembling notes/play-by-play/color commentary during the meeting.  I editted out some of the sarcasm (not because it was bad… well … but I didn’t think it would come through very well out of context… i.e. peopel wouldn’t get it or would be offended!), but tried to keep the rest of it as raw as possible

Click here to read.


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