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Click here to go to three videos you can download. The first one is the most dramatic. Scary. Advertisements



I am arrogant. Really. Everyday on my way into work from the parking lot I pass a USA Today newspaper dispenser. Well, the other day I saw a headline, something like “Region hit by natural disaster”. Well I naturally thought, “Oh, they must mean us. We got hit with a crap load of snow and […]

ARE THERE MODELS AT ALL? by Craig Morton & Gary Waller Often as we travel we are asked, “does the attractional model of church growth still work?” “If not then what model does work?” Many churches are participating in “40 Days of Purpose,” using “The Jabez Principle,” or trying to be “seeker sensitive.” These are […]



I have something stuck in my teeth. Its like a popcorn kernel, except I haven’t had any popcorn. It may be from the granola. It is really annoying and yea, tho I floss it persists. Which reminds me. I have a sneaky suspicion that Paul’s “thorn in his side” was a lisp. I know, I […]

mp3s of talks by tom wright and walter brueggemann available to download. (thanks jonny) “the script of military consumerism cannot make us safe and it cannot make us happy” “health for our society depends on a disengagement and reliquishment of this script” “it is the task of ministry to de-script that script among us” there’s […]

Front Porch Originally uploaded by aaronklinefelter. We Closed!!! Its a lonnnnnng story, but we made it. It is officially ours… well the bank owns 99.992% of it, but you know. We move in on the 30th (and we need help). We’re hosting a house-blessing-worship-in-the-new-year-in-our-new-house-party on the 31st, 9 PM till whenever. Come One, Come All! […]

Less Is More


IT Conversations: Grant McCracken – Less Is More “Grant McCracken holds a PhD in anthropology from The University of Chicago. He is the author of Culture and Consumption, The Long Interview and Big Hair. He was the founding director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and has recently taught […]