Less Is More


IT Conversations: Grant McCracken – Less Is More

“Grant McCracken holds a PhD in anthropology from The University of Chicago. He is the author of Culture and Consumption, The Long Interview and Big Hair. He was the founding director of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) and has recently taught at McGill University and Harvard Business School. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, Grant’s resume also includes stints as a phonebook proofreader and chauffeur to a Hollywood star.”

Go to the link above and listen to clip from Pop!Tech 2004 held in Camden, Maine, October 21-23, 2004. This is good stuff and applicable to how we’re doing church. From Chaos to Order, from Alternative to Mainstream to Has-been, and here we are doing this “simple church” thing and that’s pretty alternative….and it will likely go to mainstream at some point, not sure how but it will. That may be good or bad. I’m not entirely sure… but I am sure that we are called to be counter-cultural and an alternative to the ways of power, aggression, oppression, and violence – in all its various forms (physical, social, emotional, and spiritual).


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