Articles: Models and Disciples



by Craig Morton & Gary Waller

Often as we travel we are asked, “does the attractional model of church growth still work?” “If not then what model does work?” Many churches are participating in “40 Days of Purpose,” using “The Jabez Principle,” or trying to be “seeker sensitive.” These are just a few of the “models” available to stimulate growth, numerically and spiritually within congregations. Sometimes these models work and sometimes they don’t. There are certain questions that this topic stirs up. And the question that arises is “are models what are really needed?”


by Adam Ellis

What if the way that we present “becoming a Christian” or “getting saved” is acutally producing people who are MORE self centered than less? What if all our focus on an event that makes it possible for you to go to Heaven (or “not Hell”) when you die is producing people who embrace that fact but coundn’t care less about becoming like Jesus? Is it possible that we’ve made mental agreement with certain propositional ideas our highest goal at the expense of the apprenticeship (discipleship) of Jesus and the mission of the Kingdom of God?

BTW – I got that thing out of my teeth. Thanks for all your cards and letters of support. They really meant a lot.


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