Lectionary. Bible Reading. A Generous Ecclesiology


The Lectionary Page. Our House Church is going to follow the lectionary this year. I’m excited about this exercise – both personally and corporately – I think it will be good for us.

Several folks are reading (and blogging) their way through the Bible this year. Using a chronological approach. Read more here.

Robby Mac proposes A Generous Ecclesiology:

“Within a broad generalization, it can be argued that emerging churches fall into two types (with many permutation between the two poles):

1. House churches which further subdivide into (A) intentional missional communities of faith, and (B) healing communities for those needing to detox from church for a season, and

2. Emerging churches, which may include (and often do) a house/cell component, but who are generally planting churches that meet in warehouses, cafes, or other non-traditional settings, while including elements that are best described as “ancient/future” as they tap into the rich history of multiple Christian traditions to ground their 21st century expression of the Body.”

I think his characterization is somewhat off…. not sure why, need to think on it more, but its a good start and ties in with the obtuse conversation over at Chris’s.


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