Contextbound Links


Beyond ‘Right Thinking’, Sojourners Magazine/February 2005: “Brian McLaren’s A Generous Orthodoxy begins to articulate a faith that values the core of a Christ-centered faith without falling into the dogmatism” (a good review of Brian’s book)

Cornell’s Minister of Technology, MIT’s Technology Review: “In the mid-1980s, before completing his PhD in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois, Fuchs (pronounced “fox”) earned a master’s degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, IL. While a professor at Illinois, he moonlighted as a minister. This unusual second job taught him that community-building and communication are just as important in the development of new technologies as they are to the health of religious congregations.” (unfortunate last name, compelling story, you may need to subscribe to read [free])

How are you engaging with Emerging Church? Jason Clark:

(good diagram, possible a good tool for critiquing an “emerging church”…. are you practicing [sociology] what your preach [theology] and visa versa)

Critique within the emerging church, Alan Hartung: “My biggest concern is that in the quest for relevance we lose too many distinctions. The established church has been mired with “in” rules which many of us now soundly reject. However, there is a danger that we will simply swing past balance to the next extreme. I’ve seen that in my own life.” (speaking of critiques of the emerging church)

Emergent is not the Emerging Church, Jason Clark: “Emergent is not the emerging church. The emerging church is much broader, bigger, than emergent will ever be. There are many people better connected, with a bigger perspective and probaly doing better things, but Emergent is not the emerging church. It think it would help to hear critiques of emerging church and not Emergent.” (good point)

Contextless Links, Jordan Cooper: (does this make them contextless still?)


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