From Larry King Live – – Transcripts


Brian McLaren, TD Jakes talk with Larry King:

“KING: Bishop Jakes, do you think America is a Christian nation?

JAKES: No. I think that America is a great nation that has a lot of Christians in it. And that distinction is very, very important, particularly when we look at politics. I’m afraid that we have to be careful that we don’t politicize God, and alienate people or try to use God as a keyhole to position him for politics. I think that he is far above politics, and transcends many of the ideas that we use for political agendas.

KING: So you did not support a candidate in your ministry?

JAKES: I’ve always been nonpartisan. What I supported in our ministry was encouraging our people to get out and vote. I respect the intelligence of our community. I’ve worked very diligently to make sure that they were aware of the issues at hand. But I respect their right to vote, and even to have different — differing opinions and still be people of faith.

KING: Brian, are you opposed to the Christian churches being involved in politics?

MCLAREN: Well, I think people of faith have to live out their faith. We can’t hide it, we can’t pretend we don’t have it. And I think we’re being more honest when we bring our faith out and explain how it affects our beliefs and our values and our positions. But I think there’s a wide range of issues that really matter to Christians. And one of my concerns is that the word “evangelical” now is hard to define for a lot of people. It only means a narrow range of issues on one conservative side. So I really agree with what Dr. Jakes just said, that we have to make sure that we don’t let our faith become captive to any party.”


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