I don’t know Mark Palmer very well. I hope that can change, btw. But during the several opportunities I’ve had to be around him I have been deeply impressed upon by his spirit. He strikes me as a man of great depth, wisdom, passion, and compassion. I appreciate his astute mind and ready sense of humor.

I remember hearing about him when we still lived in CA – about his wife dying while their son was yet so young. This struck a nerve within me as Sarah and I were expecting Cloey and Sarah’s mom had died of cancer. And now Palmer has been struck with the same.

I don’t know many prayers for healing, this is not an area I have had much experience in – and yet I believe that God can in fact heal. I don’t understand God’s ways, this is beyond me. But I trust that God can heal – he can, and ask the he does, heal Mark Palmer. He’s your servant, Lord. Heal him so he can continue your work in the world. Heal him so Your Kingdom can come on earth as it is in heaven.

From Eric Keck:

++heal palmer,

fight for him,

fight for us

bring him many more years

living here on earth++

Palmer’s Journal

Thanks Alan and Keck for the Prayer Button.


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